About Our Rain Barrels

All of the barrels we use are re-used food grade barrels we purchase before they are disposed of into landfills. It is a WIN - WIN situation all the way around. Please help our environment by not only saving water, but by keeping these barrels out of our countries landfills.


  • Dimensions vary slightly – 50 gallons 35” tall x 23” diameter/ 58 gallons 39” tall with 23" diameter / 60 gallons 40” tall x 23” diameter
  • 50 to 62 gallon capacity (sizes vary)
  • Brass ¾" spigot for garden hose attachment
  • Screen on top to prevent mosquitoes from accessing water
  • Side brass overflow where a hose can be attached
  • Made from re-used plastic food grade barrels
  • Barrels retail in stores for $78.00 to $165.00

Discounts for bulk sales and payment arrangements given to:

  • Retail stores
  • Municipalities
  • Home Owner Associations
  • Civic Groups
  • Fundraisers

Contact us today at info@rainbarrelsintl.com to set up your program!

Rain Barrels For Rainwater Harvesting

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