RAIN BARRELS INTL, INC. is currently offering FREE Rainwater Harvesting Classes, Rain Barrel Truckload Sales and Fundraisers with new partners in Fall, 2021!

If you are interested in these events but your city is not listed below, please inform your municipality or water department about this opportunity available in your community. However, all municipalities work together on water conservation, so you do not need to be a resident of the city hosting an event to participate in a class.

Currently there are many Rain Barrel Rebates being offered throughout the United States. Please check with RAIN BARRELS INTL. to see if your city qualifies for a rebate on rain barrels.


Date Time Participating Partner Location
4/8/2021 7 AM - 5 PM Foothill-Waiting List Burbank/Pasadena
4/26/2021 7 AM - 5 PM City of Santa Clarita - This Event is SOLD OUT! DELIVERIES MADE DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME ON 4/26/2021
5/3/2021 7 AM - 5 PM City of Long Beach - Councilman Al Austin, 8th District DELIVERIES MADE DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME FROM 05/3/2021 - 5/08/2021
5/17/2021 7 AM - 5 PM City of Lakewood DELIVERIES MADE DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME FROM 05/17/2021 - 5/22/2021
10/16/2021 9-10 AM Class - Distribution 9-11 AM City of Long Beach Long Beach, CA
11/6/2021 9 AM - 11 AM City of Westminster Westminster, CA
11/13/2021 9 AM - 12 noon Calleguas Municipal Water District Thousand Oaks, CA
11/18/2021 6-7 PM Class - Distribution 6-8 PM Environmental Nature Center Newport Beach, CA
12/31/2021 Ongoing - Appointment Only USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies Avalon, CA
12/31/2021 Ongoing - Appointment Only Rain Barrels Intl. DELIVERY OR PICK UP IN BELLFLOWER, CA

*Styles of Barrels Vary Depending on Availiability.

Rain Barrels For Rainwater Harvesting

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