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In 2006, my 12 year old son made me a rain barrel as a birthday gift. Naturally, I loved it. So did our friends and neighbors, who soon started asking him to make them one, too. He decided to sell his rain barrels out of a local garden center, just to make some extra pocket money. In the first week, the garden center sold 18 rain barrels! In order to meet the growing demand, my son recruited the aid of his equally handy twin sister. The children took their opportunity to help the environment seriously and quickly realized they were providing a product of highest quality to an ever-growing market.

Ever since, Rain Barrels Intl., Inc. has grown. Our rain barrels have been sold in retail stores, municipalities, and non-profit events around the United States and Canada. Our children, who were heavily involved with the day-to-day operations of the company, have both successfully moved on with their lives as adults, but we’ll always remember those Friday nights when we would all sit around the garage with popcorn and make rain barrels together. Today, we use a dedicated crew in California assembling our rain barrels by reusing barrels made of food-grade plastic, which would otherwise be thrown straight into the nearest landfill. We do not cut corners on any other materials either; our fittings are made of solid corrosion-resistant brass, increasing the durability of our product, and the screen riveted to the top of the barrel is tight enough to prevent mosquitos and other pests from finding a way in. We are proud of our product and refuse to compromise on quality.

Our children have proven that anyone can make a difference in addressing our nation’s water conservation and recycling concerns. They have made us more conscious about how our decisions impact the world we share, as well as inspiring us to steward our planet with care and responsibility. Now it’s your turn. Be inspired.

Thank you in advance for your business. We look forward to working with you.

Rain Barrels For Rainwater Harvesting

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