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Rain Barrels Intl., Inc. was started in 2006 by our 12 year old son (who wanted to make one for my birthday gift). I loved the rain barrel and so did all my friends. My son then took it to a local garden center (Norwood Road Gardens, Raleigh, NC) who graciously agreed to sell his product. In one day the garden center sold four rain barrels and my son enlisted the manufacturing assistance of his twin sister to make more. The children decided that this would be their way to help the environment and make some extra holiday spending money. They quickly found out they were providing a top quality product with high demand.

The business has grown and our products are currently sold in 119 stores in nine states. On Friday nights, we no longer all go into the garage as a family to watch a video, eat popcorn and make rain barrels together. However, our children, now adults, are both still very involved in the business and have learned the day to day operations of running a company. Our business now has a crew that assembles our rain barrels out of re-used food grade barrels that would otherwise be headed to our countries landfills.

Our children have proven that everyone can make a difference to address our country's drought and recycling concerns.

Thank you in advance for your business. We look forward to working with you.

Rain Barrels For Rainwater Harvesting

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